Denver Concert Band

Denver's Concert Band for 54 seasons!

The Denver Concert Band

The Denver Concert Band is a group of adult musicians who enjoy instrumental music as an avocation. The group is comprised of volunteer musicians who rehearse and perform year-round in the Denver metropolitan area and around Colorado. Over the years, the band has traveled overseas to participate in various music festivals.

2016-2017 Formal Concert Season


“Musical Heroes” is the theme of the Denver Concert Band’s first concert of the 2016-17 formal concert season. The band will perform a wide variety of music with the theme of heroes. Classics like “American Salute” by Morton Gould, or great selections from Broadway and films like “Man of La Mancha” and “Soaring” by John Williams, with themes from “Superman and Star Wars”. The band offers a lyrical selection; “With Quiet Courage” by Daehn and a assortment of other heroic themes from Greek mythology to childhood imagination. Regardless of your age, there is something for everyone in our musical heroes. Join us for an afternoon of fun at the Lone Tree Arts Center on Saturday September 17 at 2:30 PM. Tickets are available online at or call 720-509-1000.

Upcoming Summer 2016 Concerts

A Taste of Colorado

Sunday, September 4 | 10:45 AM – Free Admission
Civic Center Park – Broadway between 14th and Colfax, Denver | More Information

Race for the Cure

Sunday, September 25 | 7:45 AM
Ponce Furniture parking lot – 1660 N. Federal Boulevard, Denver