2018-2019 Concert Season

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Masters of the Band Universe 
Sunday, September 23- 2PM

Great concert band music is inspiring, interesting and imaginative. For our first concert with this year’s theme, “Musical Time Travels”, the DCB will perform some of the greatest works from Master Composers of concert band literature. From Joseph Wilcox Jenkins’ “American Overture” and Gustav Holst’s unforgettable “First Suite in Eb” to the imagination of Johan de Meij’s “Gandalf” from the Lord of the Rings and Robert Russell Bennett’s arrangement of “My Fair Lady’, you’ll be thrilled with our first stop on the “Time Travel Train”. Please join us on September 23, 2018 for some of the best concert band literature ever written…and performed.

Heroes and Holidays 
Sunday, November 18- 2PM

This stop on this year’s “Musical Time Travels” will take us back to 1918. The First World War finally found peace on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year in 1918. The Denver Concert Band will recognize the heroes of that time, as well as those who have fought for peace in all times, in a musical commemoration of the armistice for what was to be the war to end all wars. The season of peace is also represented with holiday selections that will please both young and old. Of course, no seasonal celebration would be complete without a visit from that jolly elf Santa Clause, so bring the kids!

Holiday Faves & Raves 
Wednesday, December 5- 7:30PM
Lakewood Cultural Center

Beasts of Legends and Lore 
Sunday, February 24- 2PM

Our next trip in our “Musical Time Travels” journey takes us to the center of the mind and the edges of magic. The band will perform music from the critically acclaimed animated film “Spirited Away”, which features a dragon of Japanese folklore. Also included is Eric Whitacre’s “Ghost Train”, one of his first compositions for concert band. Our guest soloists will lead us through eerie sounds and driving rhythms that beautifully capture the supernatural spirit and the essence of a steaming locomotive. If you have a taste for the supernatural or you just want to hear outstanding artists, join us for “Beasts of Legend and Lore”.

Colorful Colorado 
Sunday, April 28- 2PM

Whenever one returns from a long journey, it’s a relief to return home. Our “Musical Time Travels” concludes with “Colorful Colorado.” The DCB will enthrall you with musical visions from our beautiful state, including “Red Rocks Fanfare” by Bogenschutz and “Colorado Blue” by Jared Spears. This concert will also showcase the winner of our annual young artist competition. Please join us for the music of the most beautiful state in the USA and the sounds of the newest generation of musicians!